On April 25th, 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. On May 12, another massive quake struck. This natural disaster killed nearly 9,000 people, injured 16,800, destroyed 500,000 homes, and damaged 270,000 homes (according to the National Post).

In Tsum, 90% of structures were destroyed. It was a time of unthinkable hardship for this remote valley.

The Compassion Project sends a HUGE thank you to Global Karuna, who contacted us with an offer of help for Tsum. Since this connection was formed, Global Karuna flew helicopter aid to Gompa Lungdang Nunnery and distributed tents, food, blankets, and medicine and now have long-term plans to rebuild this 800-year-old nunnery. Global Karuna then flew aid to Lamagaon village where our medical centre is and met our local contacts. They did three helicopter drops of tents, food, medicine and monetary aid. They then partnered with the Nepal Army and did three more heli trips to lower Tsum, taking 1,200 kg of food plus medicine and blankets to Ripchet village, which was one of the worst hit. We've been blessed to come into contact with Venerable Metteyya, who is now lovingly known as the flying monk. His compassionate action has made a massive difference for Tsum.

The Compassion Project contributed $2,000 to assist with earthquake relief in Lamagaun.


At the Compassion Clinic, which was spared from the earthquake. Our contact Pasang Phuntsok and Venerable Metteyya of Global Karuna.