New Education Project

New Education Project

I had the pleasure of meeting a woman named Patricia Liu Baergen last January, 2018. She was doing her PhD in education at the University of British Columbia and looking for a concrete way to give back in the area of education. Fast forward a year and a bit, and she is now volunteering her expertise in heading up our charity's newest project.


Co-Founder and Tsumpa Dhawa Tashi canvased the villagers around our clinic and discovered that families were interested in having early education and Kindergarten. This would give their children access to free education while allowing the parents time to farm during the day, they said.

We are currently in the process of hiring. The Tsum Monastery that gives us free rooms to operate our clinic from will give us another room for Kindergarten!

Patricia is actively involved in initiating the operational plan to launch the school program. Stay tuned for more to come.

-Jane Marshall

Glastonbury Gazette

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