Update from the Brave Nurse Midwives

Update from the Brave Nurse Midwives

The Compassion Project would like to thank Global Karuna, CEBA, and importantly the three young ANMs (auxiliary nurse midwives) who spent the last several months providing care at the Compassion Health Centre. These brave young women were born in lowland Nepal and had a huge adventure traveling up to the remote reaches of the Himalayas to care for the people of Tsum. WE THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

Venerable Metteyya Sakyaputta has written this report about the women's time in Tsum:

Two stories from the girls’ Tsum Experience

The man who was impaled by an angry yak:

One of the interesting and unorthodox cases that our Terai born nuns had to deal with during their stay in Tsum was the case of a man who got impaled by his yak.

People of Tsum valley have lots of horses and yaks. They rely on their horses for transportation and on their yaks for the milk and fur. In the village many yaks can be seen grazing in the open and they often come to drink water near the new clinic building.

One day as the nuns were getting ready to start their day at the clinic, people came running and brought a man who was impaled by his yak. Our nuns just being ANMs and only starting their careers panicked initially on the prospect of complications with the wound. The male health assistant was on holidays visiting his family for several weeks and carrying the wounded man to Kathmandu was not an easy option. They bravely took the matter into their own hands.

They cleaned the wound and stitched it properly. The man came for regular dressing of the wound and was healed successfully. Upon getting well, the young man became a new friend to the nuns and brought them yak milk for tea (hopefully not from the angry yak!). The girls found this to be an interesting experience during their stay.

Another such incident was of a very young child. He belonged to one of the families in the village. The young child fell from the second floor of the house and was impaled by a small piece of wood between his eyes. The girls successfully treated him and he was able to recover swiftly.