Dolma Sherpa's Experience in Tsum

Dolma Sherpa's Experience in Tsum

The Compassion Project would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the amazing Dolma Sherpa. Dolma is a registered Health Assistant who did a short contract at our health centre in Tsum. She flew up on one of the helicopters that came to get my trekking group. She is an inspiring young woman who helped over 1,000 patients during her stay!
-Jane Marshall.

Read what Dolma has to say about her time in the mountains:

Report from Dolma Sherpa

My name is Dolma Sherpa and I am a paramedic. On May 23, 2017 I went to Tsum to work in the Compassion Health Centre. I worked there for three months and 20 days. I had the most remarkable moments that I will cherish forever working at the Compassion Health Centre in Tsum. I made very deep connections with the patients and people over there who are so loyal, friendly, understanding and kind. I saw more than 1,000 patients during my short stay, especially pregnant women and people with colds, diarrhea, pneumonia and hypertension. I am proud that I have been useful to them during my short stay. They were so pleased that I could speak Tibetan, which is very similar to their dialect. I think that is very important.

The sad thing for me during my time is that I had to refer some critical patients to Kathmandu. One was a case of poisoning, and we didn’t have the antidote in our clinic. This person was saved saved with the help of village people who lent the money to go to Kathmandu for further treatment. The other was a pregnant woman with high blood pressure, which is quite risky. Luckily Lama Pasang, Dhawa Tashi’s brother, helped her by lending her the money, which saved both her life and the child’s life. The only option in these cases is to hire helicopter, which is very expensive.

Photo of the pregnant woman post-delivery (she had a healthy baby girl!)

I am thankful to the founders and all the sponsors who support the clinic at Tsum. It changes the lives of people who are struggling in darkness were there is an extreme lack of basic needs. Thank you to the Compassion Health Centre!

-Dolma Sherpa