Grant Application Approved!

Grant Application Approved!

Thank you Birthing Kit Foundation Australia! We are happy to announce that BKFA has granted us another 200 birth kits. Here's a video about the kits:

And here's a description of BKFA's work around the world:

What We Do

Around 300,000 women and 3 million newborns die each year from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Most of these deaths occur in developing countries. To help address this, we provide an opportunity for Australian volunteers to fundraise for and engage in the assembly of Birthing Kits.

We partner with local organisations, governments and health service providers who receive and distribute Birthing Kits to vulnerable women to help enable a clean and safer birthing environment. We also provide funding for collaborative and sustainable community development projects, supported by research and advocacy for improved maternal and newborn outcomes.

We're so happy to be a field partner, working together to improve birth outcomes for Tsum families.