Winter in Tsum

Winter in Tsum

Winter Challenges

Here's an update from our Health Assistant Sachin Khokhali. It's his first winter in Tsum!

Winter season is a difficult time to stay at Chhekampar, Lamagaun. Personally, I was so excited for winter season because I hadn't seen snow fall before and it was going to be my first experience. First 2-3 days, I enjoyed the moments of snowfall, but after that it became little bit harder to stay here. Water was totally frozen. I had to travel 10-15 minutes to collect it. Also I wasn't able to go anywhere because literally every part of the village was covered by snow.

A lot of local people have gone lower (Gorkha Bazar or Kathmandu) for 1-2 months. So, as a result we were having just 1-2 patients per day. That means we haven't had a lot of patient flow in winter season. Weather was been so cold, it often dropped to -5°C to -15°C. Patients came after they couldn't tolerate illness or they seriously needed medical help; the way to reach clinic was totally covered by snow. So, I think we had challenges in delivering effective service in this season in Tsum valley. Fortunately during that period no one was seriously injured.

We are grateful to have Sachin in the high altitude to provide care for those who really need it.