The Compassion Project is happy to share a report from our health worker Leela Tamang. She's been busy working up in Tsum and using her skills to help the local population there. Here's what it's like in her own words:

*Namaste & Tashi Delek everyone from Tsum Valley. My name is Leela Tamang and I am originally from Dolakha, Nepal, but currently I am working as a health worker at the Compassion Health Centre located in Lamaguan, Tsum Valley. I would like to extend my warm gratefulness to all the members of the Compassion Health Centre and The Compassion Project for giving me opportunities to utilize my skills and knowledge. In addition, I like to thank all the generous supporters, donors and friends of The Compassion Project and I assure that your small help is making huge difference in Tsum Valley.

I completed my PCL (Proficiency Certificate Level) in General Medicine from NIMST (Nepal Institute of Medical Science and Technology) in 2017. As a Health Worker at Compassion Health Centre, I have gained many experiences and faced challenges and difficulties. It’s obvious that working in the Health Sector is not an easy job. Sometimes I get very sensitive or frustrated since we are dealing with human health.

However, the local people of the Tsum Valley are very helpful and cooperative. I feel great to be present here myself as a health facilitator.

The most common diseases that I have been handling are:
Headache and fever
Respiratory Tract Infection (RTI)
Acute Gastroenteritis
Skin related problems, such as cracked skin
Cut injuries
ANC check-up and Obstetrics Care

*I also do conduct health education program sometimes to local people so that they are aware of health issues and also it helps to improve their quality of life. Along with these, Family Planning services are provided to the needy ones.

The most challenging sadness I have to face is that when I have to refer a patient to a higher health service provider such as a hospital in Kathmandu. In some cases our Compassion Health Centre doesn’t have enough equipment such as an X-ray machine and so on, and there is no doctor in Tsum Valley. I, myself and Compassion Health Centre are present here as first step of health services and we try to do best of what we can do to help.

*Lastly, I feel great and lucky to be at Compassion Health Centre as Health Worker. I promise to work with my full dedication and energy to provide health services. ***