Improving healthcare and education in Tsum, Nepal.

We are a grassroots charity that works through Tsum people, for Tsum people.
Charitable Registration # 824895197 RR0001

Compassion Health Centre

Our first project opened on June 27th, 2015. We provide basic medical care free of cost to the people of Tsum.


Exciting news! We are pleased to announce our newest project: A village Kindergarten program. Located beside the Compassion Health Centre.

Compassion Trek 2019

19 Day Trek to Tsum
October 18 - November 5
Your chance to visit Tsum and our health center!
Travel with certified local guide Tanzin Lama
For details:

Tsum is a sacred valley high in the Himalayas

There is no road access, it takes about 7 days to walk in, and it only opened to trekking tourism and the outside world in 2008.

Tsum Valley Treks and Expedition

Come for a visit, or come volunteer! Join our friend Tanzin for cultural immersion in Tsum and a visit to our health centre. Or, if you're a medical professional, come share your knowledge!
Tsum Valley Treks and Expedition